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Laughing Hyena
Troop Of Chimpanzee
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Laughing Hyena sighted during Early morning game drive in one of the beautiful national parks in Uganda

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Common Safari Packages

Primate Experience

Chimpanzees Tracking

Humans and Chimpanzees share 98%+ of the genetic code. Tracking chimpanzees is a precise fascinating experience.

Mountain gorilla trekking

The Mountain Gorilla

Mountain Gorilla is the world's most rare primate which is estimated approximately to be around 700 in numbers.

Safari Tour Guides

Safari guide is one of the most major aspects to a successful safari. All our guides are therefore qualified experts with full information and passion for their particular country/field and have the capability to express this to our visitors

Our cheerful team consists of young, dedicated experts focused clearly on our clients, fill with mind-set of care and a grit of assurance to our customers. The key to a booming safari is dealing with a ground operator that has huge local facts and experience, offering outstanding services!

Why Choose Hamerkop Safaris

Hamerkop Safaris assures you the most fascinating experience while on your amazing Tour in any of our destinations, because of our specialized and devoted personnel that always truly look forward to designing the best trip just for you!

Our service is a true indication of the collection of comprehensive industry experience, destination vast knowledge, community and area talent beyond all excitement, commitment and Impeccable prudence.

The establishment of our company is strongly built on a reputation for excellence in providing steady high class customer care through wide information, modified service and competitive rates. 

We purposely focus on showing off all the places of interest within  the regions; their various unique features, both the renowned tourist attractions as well as the lesser-known secret. 

Our passion for East Africa transpires in every itinerary we propose and we extraordinarily desire to make sure that each of our client goes back home in surprise of the fascinating regions of East Africa- the attractions, landscape and the hospitable people; tradition and culture. We guarantee with all the joy, you’ll deeply wish to come back again!