Visiting the pearl of Africa is no doubt other than an exciting safari waiting to happen, this is your chance to see the entire Africa overcrowded in a country so rich and a people so friendly. It is however wise to take some travel tips with you to ensure an enjoyable trip.

What do you have to wear?

Pack some relaxing clothing that is not too tight, as Uganda is in the tropics and the weather is generally hot and humid. It is pretty sensible to pack long sleeved shirts as they will protect you from severe sun burn and insect bites. Some parts of Uganda can be really cold like in Bwindi, it is smart to pack some light jackets or sweaters but avoid Camouflage because in Uganda it can get you arrested. One more essential to wear is a backpack to carry all your valuables and snacks you will need.

What Gadgets do you have to bring?.

Good binoculars and a good camera with a great telephoto lens can cause for a spectacular holiday. Carrying with you a professional type of Camera enhances your experience of watching the pride of lions in the savannah and can be an even greater experience for bird watchers. It is also wise to carry a camera with a bigger memory size; nothing ruins a great photo moment like the signal on your camera going ‘No memory!’ But most importantly do not be so focused on taking pictures to totally miss the Safari.

What Voltage of Plug do you have to bring?

The voltage in Uganda is 240 volts, so you will need a plug made in UK. Alternatively, you can use a converter plug that you can manually fit. What would be even better is a laptop surge protector. Fluctuations in electrical service are common around Uganda known as blackouts. When power returns, it can come in a rush, rising significantly above standard household voltage levels to burn wires, overwhelm circuits and potentially cause damage to laptops. A surge protector diverts the extra voltage from a power surge to a ground wire; sparing harm to any connected electrical devices.

Medication and Insect repellents.

In case you are taking medication, bring it with you and also do not forget to carry with you or to take your Malaria regiment. You will also need insect repellent especially in areas with tsetse flies; you can buy it online or some outdoor specialty shops. I would also advise you carry some antibiotics and Imodium just in case; you do not want to miss your Safari lying in the hotel room. However, consult your doctor or your local clinic about antibiotics and Imodium before taking any.

Mobile Phones.

When travelling, it is much better to have an unlocked International Quad cell phone. On arrival you will need to purchase a sim card as the telecommunication companies use sim cards you will have to register that sim card with a passport size photo and ID and registration is free.

Bring a Friend

It is cost effective to bring a friend or friends. Solo Safaris cost higher while if you travelled with a friend expense can be shared as well as experiences and laughter.

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