Gorilla Rules

MR Traffic
  • The park has clear rules and regulations that must protect visitors and gorillas at large;
  • Infectious diseases such as diarrhea and flue are a problem to gorillas, therefore, a visitor with such diseases will not be permitted in the park.
  • It’s always better to view the gorillas at distant and in groups rather than surrounding them.
  • Its important to leave a distance of about 5m, this is just to leave some space between you and the gorillas. In case they are moving towards you, tend to move backward.
  • A digital camera is most suitable and a flash is not allowed.
  • Take this very important, avoid eating or smoking around the gorillas, its better to leave a distance of about 200m.
  • In case you want to cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and move away from the gorillas.
  • When you get close with the gorillas, get rid of making fun noises or sounds. more still sudden movements are not allowed.
  • Do not little or spit on the green vegetation or soil once you are in the park.
  • Be time conscious because visiting the gorillas is strictly one hour
  • Age is very important; therefore people below the age of 15 are not permitted to track gorillas