Gorilla trekking is an intensive experience that can take up to six hours. The guide leads you through the gorilla’s world, enlightening aspects of their ecology and conduct beside the way.
Consequently, gorillas are wild creatures with no fixed scheduled so achievement is not assured, however your probabilities are very good, over 98%.
The leaders and trackers have abetted to habituate the gorilla groups and recognize them confidentially.
The mountain gorilla is the world’s most rare primate which is found in small parts of endangered jungles in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, northwestern part of Rwanda and southwestern Uganda.
An estimated figure of the gorilla is approximately 706 in numbers. One population of around 320 is found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park situated in southwestern part of Uganda, covering 330 km², and the other 386 in the Virunga Volcano Range-covering three National Parks: Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda, and Virunga National Park in the DRC. The jungles accommodate various delightful birds, reptiles, insects, primates, plants and large mammals.